Welcome to Fernie Mountain Honey. 

Fernie Mountain Honey is a small apiary located in the ski town of Fernie BC, nestled along the Elk River within the Elk Valley Region of the Kootenays.

This area of South Eastern British Columbia has a very small agricultural region that consists mainly of cattle ranging. The Elk Valley offers an abundance of untouched wilderness that offers our bees access to a variety of mountain wildflowers including fireweed. 

Our bees produce high quality, light coloured mild tasting honey along with a small amount of stronger tasting darker honey. We cold filter our honey leaving all the beneficial properties intact.

While we cannot guarantee that our honey is pesticide/herbicide free, the City of Fernie's ban on cosmetic pesticides and herbicides coupled with type of agriculture in this region, greatly reduces our bees' exposure to these harmful chemicals. We do not label our honey as organic, but we do practice organic beekeeping methods and try to keep our bees as ethically as possible.